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A DunaCent Kft-nek a mai napon nem áll fenn tartozása az EMFESZ Kft felé, sőt, az EMFESZ Kft. tartozik a DunaCent Kft-nek.


DunaCent Ltd. is owned by a Hungarian investor, Mr. Csaba Pomázi, who is a well- known person in the Hungarian energetics sector for several years.

He is the owner of the largest Public Utility Company Group in Hungary, with ownership share for instance in Szegedi Hőszolgáltató Ltd. Perkons Ltd., Perkons Tarján Ltd., Székesfehérvári Fűtőerőmű Ltd., Energott Ltd., Dunaújvárosi Hőszolgáltató Ltd., Dunaújvárosi Víz-, Csatorna-, Hőszolgáltató Ltd. and Alfa-Nova Ltd.. This Company Group, being a significant market participant of heat production, heat supply, water- and drain supply, communal supply in Hungary, consumes 200 million Nm3 natural gas annually.

The strategic activities of the company - apart from the natural gas trading - are focusing on 4 independent fields below:

  • energetics investment, building engineering design, execution,
  • building engineering trade, boiler, radiator manufacture and distribution,
  • warehouse technique, manufacture and distribution,
  • combined heat and power- and, biomass base electric energy generation.

The Gas Trading Division of DunaCent Ltd. was founded in 2nd November 2009. The company received all the necessary Hungarian licenses from Hungarian Energy Office for natural gas trading under No.: 706/2009.

Beside its core activity the Gas Trading Division provides advisory services in

  • decreasing risk of the gas consumers,
  • increasing safety of gas supply,
  • applying efficient gas consumption methods and
  • following up the economic consequences of changes in legal background.

Short and long-term objectives of DunaCent Ltd, Gas Trading Division

  • to act a significant role in Hungarian natural gas trading in accordance with the Hungarian legal background and market diversification deriving from the increasing demand of consumers,
  • to provide advisory services in energetics, risk management and investment to consumers as a part of co-operation with them,
  • market monitoring, data collection, partner and competitor analysis, discovering investment possibility,
  • to take part in investments aiming at natural gas and energy market development,
  • to participate in electric energy trade.

Dr. Réka Balla, CEO of GAS Trading Division, DunaCent Ltd. has over ten years experience in natural gas industry and trade. She took part in the preparation work of creating the legal background for EU-compatible Hungarian gas Act, participated in investment implementation and in direction of commercial actions.


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